Santa Ana, United States - November 6, 2022: Metrolink commuter rail train at Santa Ana railway station near Los Angeles, United States.

Metrolink Arrow Unveils America’s First Zero-Emission Train in San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County has taken a groundbreaking step towards sustainable transportation with the arrival of Metrolink Arrow’s new zero-emission train, the first of its kind in the United States. The approximately 108-seat train, known as the Zero Emission Multiple Unit (ZEMU), promises to revolutionize the journey between San Bernardino and Redlands by offering a cleaner and greener travel option.

Initially slated to arrive in May, the ZEMU rolled into San Bernardino’s Santa Fe Depot on Thursday, June 20, following extensive testing. By the end of this year, the ZEMU will be operational, making travel on one of the three Arrow line trains significantly more environmentally friendly. Transit officials project that this self-powered, zero-emission train will set a new standard as the most environmentally efficient railcar in the United States.

This development marks a significant milestone for the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, which has been steadfast in its pursuit of a hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered train. “We’ve long envisioned transitioning to a zero-emission fleet,” said Tim Watkins, spokesperson for the authority.

The first of three $23 million railway vehicles is expected to begin transporting passengers on the 9-mile route before 2025. The ultimate goal is to convert the remaining two Arrow line trains to zero-emission vehicles, further advancing the county’s commitment to sustainable transit.

“ZEMU’s arrival in San Bernardino is a significant milestone recognizing years of strategic planning for a greener rail system,” stated Ray Marquez, a Chino Hills city councilmember and president of the agency’s board, in a news release.

Constructed in Eastern Switzerland, the ZEMU made its way to Pueblo, Colorado, before arriving in California. Its introduction is expected to enhance air quality and reduce noise pollution in the region. This month, the ZEMU will commence its final phase of testing, involving short trips along the Metrolink and Arrow line, a 9-mile passenger rail service between Redlands and San Bernardino that launched in October 2022.

Updates on the zero-emission train and detailed information on the Arrow line can be found here.

Impact on Motorcycle Accidents

The introduction of the ZEMU and its subsequent impact on the Arrow line could contribute to a notable decline in motorcycle accidents in the region. As public awareness of environmentally friendly travel options increases, more commuters might opt for the zero-emission train over motorcycles, which are often seen as a convenient but risky mode of transportation. The shift towards using the train can reduce the number of motorcycles on the road, thereby potentially lowering the incidence of motorcycle-related accidents.

Moreover, the enhanced safety features of the ZEMU, combined with its reliability and efficiency, offer a compelling alternative to motorcycle travel. Commuters who previously chose motorcycles for their speed and maneuverability in traffic may now find the train to be a safer and more dependable option, particularly for daily commutes.

By providing a cleaner, quieter, and safer mode of transportation, the ZEMU not only addresses environmental concerns but also promotes road safety. This dual benefit underscores the broader positive implications of transitioning to zero-emission trains, positioning San Bernardino County as a leader in both sustainable and safe transportation solutions.

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