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Surge in Dog Bite Incidents on the Big Island Raises Community Concerns

The Hawaii Police Department reports a significant rise in dog bite incidents on the Big Island over the last five years. In 2019, there were 87 instances of dog bites, resulting in two arrests and two citations for dog owners. By November 2023, this number had soared to 279 reported bites, with two arrests and 19 citations issued.

Lt. William Derr from East Hawaii Community Policing expressed uncertainty when asked about the cause of this surge, stating, “It’s really hard to say. Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.” Community Policing officers, together with patrol officers from each district, play a key role in handling incidents involving aggressive dogs.

Derr highlighted the role of community policing in managing disputes involving animals, such as loose or barking dogs, aiming to de-escalate conflicts between neighbors.

Although the peak in reports occurred between 2020, the start of the pandemic, and 2021, Derr couldn’t confirm if the pandemic influenced the rise in dog bite incidents. However, 2020 saw 107 reports, and 2021 experienced a sharp increase to 185 bites—a 72.9% jump—with 12 citations issued but no arrests.

A tragic event underscored the problem when Dolores Oskins, aged 85, was fatally mauled by three uncontrolled dogs in 2021. In response, local legislation was strengthened; Bill 125 was enacted, making negligent control of a dangerous dog a Class C felony, potentially leading to a five-year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine.

Despite the new law, 2022 recorded a 24.9% increase in dog bites, with 231 incidents reported. This trend continued into 2023, which was marked by severe attacks, including a fatal one where a man was killed by four dogs.

In one notable 2023 case, Amber Clausen was severely injured by dogs, leading to the arrest and subsequent indictment of the dog owner under the strengthened felony law. However, the charges were dismissed following a restorative justice process.

Another fatal attack occurred when Bob Northrop was killed by four dogs. Although the dogs and a litter of puppies were surrendered to Animal Control, no arrests have been made.

Matthew Runnells, from the county’s Animal Control and Protection, mentioned that their officers undergo six months of training to handle various animal-related incidents effectively, though they do not have arrest powers for felony charges, which require police involvement.
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