Will The Scarcity Of Truck Drivers Make The Roads Increasingly Risky?

The trucker shortage, which has been growing for several years, has now reached catastrophic proportions. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there will be a shortage of 175,000 truck drivers by 2026.

The cornerstone of our nation’s commerce is the trucking service, and a shortage of competent drivers might affect the cost of commodities as well as deliveries. Worse, fewer truckers mean that the ones that trucking businesses do manage to hire may become a threat to everyone on the road.

Why A Shortage Could Be Dangerous

Trucking firms, like other businesses, are in business to make money. When you don’t have enough employees to meet demand — and demand has never been higher than during an occurrence like the COVID-19 Pandemic — revenues start to suffer.

That implies trucking companies may begin to pressure their present drivers to drive faster, for longer periods, and to take shortcuts whenever possible.

Overloading: To convey more items and earn more money, drivers may be incentivized to overstock their trucks. Overloaded trucks represent a significant risk to other vehicles on the road, as excess weight increases the likelihood of the truck losing control and causing an accident.

Speeding: Deadlines may be tightened, forcing drivers to forgo rest times and drive faster to meet deadlines. In such massive, heavy vehicles, maintaining optimum speed might be difficult. That is why most trucks travel at a slower speed than passenger cars, as traveling too quickly might make stopping difficult.

Driving whilst weary: Driving while being sleepy — as truckers will be if they are pushed to forgo their regular rest periods — is just as hazardous as drunken driving. Drivers can quickly become sidetracked, have trouble concentrating on the road, or even doze off while driving.

According to Business Insider, government limits on hours of service have been relaxed to accommodate the demands of the medical business, which could lead to more mishaps in 2022. State rules in Arizona are still in effect, although this could change as more information becomes available.

Additionally, trucking businesses may ease their entry requirements to hire as many truckers as possible. However, being a truck driver entails a great deal of responsibility.

These drivers must be attentive, cautious, and responsible while operating big vehicles daily. If hiring requirements are lowered to fulfill demand, there is a risk that people with prior DUIs or other traffic offenses will be permitted to drive.

Keep Safe On The Roads

With all of this in consideration, being safe on the road for yourself and your dear ones may seem impossible. When driving near a truck, always give it as much room as possible.

Always drive behind or in front of the car in front of you, as the driver may not be able to see vehicles that are too near. Keep an eye out for signals that the driver is tired, such as continual swerving, excessive speeding, or unexpected stops.

Contact a Phoenix Truck Accident Lawyer immediately if you or a dear one has been injured in a trucking mishap that was not your fault. While the shortage makes life much harder for trucking businesses and their drivers, that doesn’t mean they should be permitted to get away with carelessness.


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