‘My heart was racing’ – Greensboro Food Truck Owner Describes Attempted Robbery

The owner of the Big Gay Food Truck in Greensboro was in for a shock on April 8th. A man armed with a gun showed up inside his truck. According to the police, this was an attempt to rob the food truck owner.

The surveillance footage captured on the 8th of April shows a man coming to the back door of the food truck and talking with Austin Allen, the co-owner of the food truck who was inside at that time. In the video, the man is heard asking Allen about the type of food sold by the truck.

According to Allen, he was at the back end of the truck and couldn’t really understand what the man was saying due to the music playing in the background. As he moved closer to hear him, the man decided to pull out a gun and step inside the food truck.

The co-owner was shocked and took a step back into the truck. He also admitted that his heart was racing, especially as he had a gun pointed toward him. Fortunately, this lasted only a few seconds, as the man decided to leave soon after. The man, who was around 6’1” in height, failed to get his hands on any amount of money from the food truck.

Allen is of the opinion that the man didn’t get a chance to rob him as they were in Spring Garden. As it was the middle of the day, the road was busy with traffic and pedestrians. This may have led to the suspect to leave quickly.

Co-owner Drew Wofford said that the presence of a great police department made him feel safe in Greensboro in general and Spring Garden Street in particular. In his opinion, while there are bad people all over the world, they can squash neither his business nor his pride; they will be continuing with their business just like before. He also added that he didn’t think that the incident was targeted toward the LGBT community.

However, this isn’t the first such robbery in the city in recent times. There have been 3 more similar incidents in the past few weeks where people have robbed food trucks in the city. While the police believe that the first three incidents are connected, more investigation is needed before they can confirm whether this attempted robbery is also tied to them or not.

According to Wofford, the high costs of living are responsible for putting people in extremely desperate situations who are ready to do just about anything to survive. That said, he isn’t sure whether this particular incident was an act fueled by desperation or not. He added that in a perfect world, he would like to see the culprit apologize and even ask for a job. He also is interested in figuring out the principal cause that can drive a person to the point of robbing a food truck at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, the owners have stocked up on pepper spray and are considering other methods of defense in case there is a repetition of this incident.

The city of Greensboro often witnesses truck accidents due to the high volume of traffic on the roads. Therefore, Greensboro Truck Accident Attorneys have to often step in to help victims get the compensation they are due from the party at fault.

However, this new trend of robbing food trucks over the last few weeks is rather alarming. Food truck owners in different parts of the city need to stay alert to avoid getting robbed by criminals. In addition, the police department also needs to boost their efforts to nab the culprits, along with increasing surveillance to maintain the safety of such business owners.


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