8 Tips To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Winter is coming! While the first thought that might come to your mind is the comfort of warm clothes and hot chocolate, you also need to consider giving your car a makeover to keep it functioning well. If you are looking to save money in the long run, it is best to winterproof your vehicle by spending on new brakes, wipers, and other paraphernalia in the present. This will be a significant step in preventing accidents or unwarranted breakdowns.

Here are 8 tips offered by auto experts that will help prepare your car for the winter season.

1. Diagnose your battery and replace it, if needed

The cold weather puts extreme strain on your car battery, and it might die during this time. According to Harry Haynes, a Pep Boys service manager, the reason for this is the thickening of motor oil at a low temperature which puts extra pressure on the battery.

Haynes advises you to ensure there is no corrosion on the terminals of the battery. The smart thing to do is get it checked by a professional who can replace the battery if needed.

2. Maintain proper tire pressure

A common problem that cars face during the winters is that the tires tend to deflate. It is essential to check and maintain proper tire pressure because the lower it is, you will lose out on gas mileage, and the tires might even wear out faster. So we advise that you check your tire pressure weekly to ensure proper inflation.

3. Get yourself a set of winter tires

Invest in a set of winter tires that you can rely on to prevent skidding and ensure your car has a firm hold of the slippery grounds. Winter tires offer better control and keep you safe during bad weather conditions. It also provides more traction so that your car can brave through the snow-covered roads and have shorter stopping distances.

4. Get your brakes inspected and serviced

Get your brakes inspected and serviced, once at the start of the season and once in midwinter. Just like the tires and battery, your brakes are also under immense strain during winters. The salt and water from the snow can cause rust on the rotors leading to the brakes working inefficiently. The brakes must be in proper condition to battle the different phases of the season and thus needs servicing at the right time.

5. Use formulas made for winter to replace brake and windshield fluid

Brake fluids suffer from degraded quality due to precipitation caused by the snow. The brake fluids also get dirty during the winters, and the accumulated water molecules can cause damage to the car. So it is best to get fresh formulas made especially for the winter season and replace the brake and windshield fluids.

6. Rotate and replace tires that are in bad condition

Make sure that you replace worn-out tires before the first frost hits. But if they are in a doable state, you can simply rotate them. To avoid spinouts and skids, exchange the better tread tires in the front with the slightly worn-out ones at the back.

7. Buy new wiper blades

Both the purchase price and the installation price of new wiper blades are affordable. You can replace the old wiper blades with new ones for the winters to avoid damage to the old ones when the frozen glass falls on the car. Wiper blades tend to decay fast, so try to get new ones before the season comes.

8. Keep the gas tank 3/4th full at all times

Due to the snow, moisture can build up very quickly in the tank. Keeping the tank full with gas can prevent moisture from entering, and even if it does, the gas prevents it from freezing inside.


It is important to stay safe and alert on the roads especially during the winter. If you happen to get into a car accident, the Atlanta car accident lawyers at Tobin Injury Law can help.


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