Scott Peterson’s Sister-In-Law Says She Has Evidence That Could Exonerate Him Of His Wife’s Murder 20 Years Ago

The conviction of the 20-something-year-old man who was accused of murdering his pregnant wife and dumping her in the San Francisco Bay has yet again come into relevance. Last summer, California’s highest court overruled the death sentence of Scott Peterson who was convicted for murdering his then 27 years old wife, Laci Peterson, stating that there were irregularities in the selection of the jury members.

Now, his sister-in-law has come forward with the claims that she has sufficient evidence that would exonerate him. Janey Peterson further added: “Scott did not get a fair trial”.

Peterson, who is now 47 years old, was charged with dual crimes- first-degree murder for the death of his wife and second-degree murder for the death of their unborn son. The trial happened in the year 2004, and the final verdict came in 2005.

While eight months pregnant with Scott Peterson’s son, Laci disappeared on the eve of 2002 Christmas. Several months after the incident, her body washed along the shores of the bay where Scott used to go fishing.

The prosecutors of the case said that instead of going fishing that day, he strangled his wife, suffocated her to death, and then wrapped her body in a blue tarp. Then went into the middle of the sea, weighed down her body with an anchor, and dropped it right into the sea from his boat. However, his attorney opposed the prosecutor’s claims by stating that random strangers might have kidnapped his wife and then framed Peterson for the murder.

Janey Peterson said in the court last week that her evidence needs to be heard and visited upon by the court. “There is no series of circumstances that fits the evidence where he could possibly have done it. The justice system has failed here, and a lot of aspects have failed. And it started with the Modesto Police Department. And it started with the fact that they didn’t follow up on evidence that showed Laci was alive the morning of December 24.” She added.

She further said that the morning Laci disappeared, neighbors saw Laci in her house. Also, there happened to be a robbery across the street from the couple’s home in Modesto that involved nearly five people. But the inquiry into this incident yielded just five interviews, and Janey’s theory is that Laci might have caught the robbers in their act. As revenge, they kidnapped her and murdered her.

The key people involved in the investigation were of a different opinion, and the former Modesto police detective Jon Buehler said: “There’s nothing that has come out to change my view that Scott got a fair trial and that Scott is the one who killed Laci. There are still people who believe the Earth is flat, too.”

Wrapping Up

In the wake of the claims by Janey Peterson, the case has now been remanded back to the San Mateo County Superior Court. The concerned authorities of the court will then decide if Scott Peterson should be given a new trial or not. Anyways, two hearings have already been scheduled for June.


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